Current Topics in Computer Vision and Machine Learning


SS 2021





4 ECTS credits


schult [at] vision.rwth-aachen.de
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Seminar Description

Computer Vision is a very active research field with many interesting applications. Many of its recent successes are due to advances in Machine Learning research. It is therefore useful to study the two fields together and to draw cross-links between them.

The conferences with the strongest impact in Computer Vision are CVPR, ICCV, and ECCV, whereas NIPS and ICML have the strongest impact on the Machine Learning community. In this seminar we will discuss recent results presented at those conferences with a focus on the most interesting and innovative ideas. Participating students have the chance to get familiar with state-of-the-art solutions to problems in Computer Vision and Machine Learning and will get an insight into the involved techniques.

Successful participants will be awarded 4 ECTS credits.


Successful completion of at least one the lectures Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Computer Vision 2, Advanced Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition and Neural Networks, or evidence of equivalent knowledge.

The moodle course room will be set up soon and relevant information will be shared there.


See the Moodle course room for materials.


  • Kickoff Meeting: Friday, April 23, 2021 16:00 (online via Zoom)
  • Outline due: TBA
  • Report due: TBA
  • Slides due: TBA
  • Presentations: TBA

All submissions are handled through Moodle.

For all organizational questions concerning the seminar, please contact Jonas Schult (schult [at] vision.rwth-aachen.de).

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