In-hand Scanning with Online Loop Closure

Thibaut Weise, Thomas Wismer, Bastian Leibe, Luc Van Gool
IEEE International Workshop on 3-D Digital Imaging and Modeling (3DIM'09)

We present a complete 3D in-hand scanning system that allows users to scan objects by simply turning them freely in front of a real-time 3D range scanner. The 3D object model is reconstructed online as a point cloud by registering and integrating the incoming 3D patches with the online 3D model. The accumulation of registration errors leads to the well-known loop closure problem. We address this issue already during the scanning session by distorting the object as rigidly as possible. Scanning errors are removed by explicitly handling outliers. As a result of our proposed online modeling and error handling procedure, the online model is of sufficiently high quality to serve as the final model. Thus, no additional post-processing is required which might lead to artifacts in the model reconstruction. We demonstrate our approach on several difficult real-world objects and quantitatively evaluate the resulting modeling accuracy.

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