Siam R-CNN: Visual Tracking by Re-Detection

Paul Voigtlaender, Jonathon Luiten, Philip Torr, Bastian Leibe
IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) 2020

We present Siam R-CNN, a Siamese re-detection architecture which unleashes the full power of two-stage object detection approaches for visual object tracking. We combine this with a novel tracklet-based dynamic programming algorithm, which takes advantage of re-detections of both the first-frame template and previous-frame predictions, to model the full history of both the object to be tracked and potential distractor objects. This enables our approach to make better tracking decisions, as well as to re-detect tracked objects after long occlusion. Finally, we propose a novel hard example mining strategy to improve Siam RCNN’s robustness to similar looking objects. The proposed tracker achieves the current best performance on ten tracking benchmarks, with especially strong results for long-term tracking.

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