BoLTVOS: Box-Level Tracking for Video Object Segmentation

Paul Voigtlaender, Jonathon Luiten, Bastian Leibe

We approach video object segmentation (VOS) by splitting the task into two sub-tasks: bounding box level tracking, followed by bounding box segmentation. Following this paradigm, we present BoLTVOS (Box Level Tracking for VOS), which consists of an R-CNN detector conditioned on the first-frame bounding box to detect the object of interest, a temporal consistency rescoring algorithm, and a Box2Seg network that converts bounding boxes to segmentation masks. BoLTVOS performs VOS using only the first-frame bounding box without the mask. We evaluate our approach on DAVIS 2017 and YouTube-VOS, and show that it outperforms all methods that do not perform first-frame fine-tuning. We further present BoLTVOS-ft, which learns to segment the object in question using the first-frame mask while it is being tracked, without increasing the runtime. BoLTVOS-ft outperforms PReMVOS, the previously best performing VOS method on DAVIS 2016 and YouTube-VOS, while running up to 45 times faster. Our bounding box tracker also outperforms all previous short-term and longterm trackers on the bounding box level tracking datasets OTB 2015 and LTB35.

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