Person Attribute Recognition with a Jointly-trained Holistic CNN Model

Patrick Sudowe, Hannah Spitzer, Bastian Leibe
ChaLearn Looking at People Workshop at ICCV'15

This paper addresses the problem of human visual attribute recognition, i.e., the prediction of a fixed set of semantic attributes given an image of a person. Previous work often considered the different attributes independently from each other, without taking advantage of possible dependencies between them. In contrast, we propose a method to jointly train a CNN model for all attributes that can take advantage of those dependencies, considering as input only the image without additional external pose, part or context information. We report detailed experiments examining the contribution of individual aspects, which yields beneficial insights for other researchers. Our holistic CNN achieves superior performance on two publicly available attribute datasets improving on methods that additionally rely on pose-alignment or context. To support further evaluations, we present a novel dataset, based on realistic outdoor video sequences, that contains more than 27,000 pedestrians annotated with 10 attributes. Finally, we explore design options to embrace the N/A labels inherently present in this task.

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