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Seminar Description

The seminar will be on different (sub-)topics of image processing, providing a view into the inner workings of basic image analysis, enhancing, and manipulation techniques and setting the basis for more advanced Computer Vision approaches. We will largely follow the lines of popular textbooks (details TBA). The proseminar is addressed at Bachelor students of Computer Science and Technik-Kommunikation in their 2nd-4th semester. Typically, each participant will work on one topic and summarize it in a seminar paper and a short presentation. For some topics, two participants will work together on a single topic and then summarize different aspects of it in two different seminar papers and two different successive presentations. The seminar papers and the presentations can be in German or in English.

Seminar Procedure

Two seminar talks will be held at each meeting. Participation in all meetings is mandatory for achieving the credit. The literature should then be discussed with the instructor. The instructors of the different topics are to be announced.



Here are the links to the two books we will be using in the seminar.


  • Wednesday 11.03.2015 at 17:00 (UMIC Room 025). In this first meeting will give general information about the seminar and distribute the topics.
  • On Friday 08.05.2015 at 14:30 there will be one initial slot, giving a general introduction on how to write and present a seminar. Slides
  • Every team has to make an appointment in the week between 11.05 and 15.05 to discuss the initial outlines.
  • Two weeks before you talk, hand in your complete preliminary slides.
  • We will have 4 appointments during the semester in which two groups will do their presentations. Each appointment will be from 14:30 until 16:00 in room 025.
    • Topic 1 & 2 (supervised by Lucas): 19.06.2015
    • Topic 3 & 4 (supervised by Lucas): 26.06.2015
    • Topic 5 & 6 (supervised by Alexander): 03.07.2015
    • Topic 7 & 8 (supervised by Alexander): 17.07.2015
  • On 24.07.2015, before 23:59, hand in your final seminar report.
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